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 +=====Finger Cap 指キャップ=====
 +HACKberry sometimes has difficulty pinching objects because of its lack of friction.\\
 +Silicone rubber finger cap will be helpful in such situation.\\
 +===Making 3D data 3Dデータの作成===
 +Make the cast data by offsetting the data of finger tip.\\
 +The picture shows an example.\\
 +The surface was created by 2mm offsetting original surface using Meshmixer.\\
 +If you want to try, please download the data from the following link.\\
 +https://​​folderview?​id=0B_O4N8Ng5KyZYU1XLS1rY25rc0E&​usp=sharing \\
 +===3D print 3Dプリント===
 +Print the data like the picture.\\
 +===Application of releasing agent 離型剤の塗布===
 +Apply releasing agent so that the silicon rubber will be ejected easily.\\
 +In this case, I use floor wax as releasing agent. ​
 +===Pouring silicon rubber シリコンゴムの流し込み===
 +Add curing agent to silicon rubber and mix them.\\
 +Then, pour them to the cast.\\
 +===Removing bubbles 1 気泡の除去1===
 +Break bubbles using air blow gun or something.\\
 +===Assemgling the molds 型の組み付け===
 +Assemble the molds.\\
 +Remove overflowed silicon rubber before it gets stiff.\\
 +===Fixing the molds 型の固定===
 +Fix the molds using clamp or tape.\\
 +===Removing bubbles 2 気泡の除去2===
 +Remove bubbles using the tool such as vacuum pump.\\
 +===Curing 硬化===
 +Let the rubber rest until it gets stiff.\\
 +Curing time is depend on the material you use.\\
 +Open the cast and eject the silicon rubber.\\
 +Attach the cover to HACKberry.\\
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