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How to assemble

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Assemble SensorU センサの組み立て

3D printed parts 3Dプリント部品


Other parts その他の部品

Coil spring (CP 0.5-6-8) *3
Steel Ball (SBI-SUJ-1d4) *2
Tapping screw M3L8 *2
flatScrew M2L6 *2

Assemble 組立て

Insert “HBabductionLever02” to “HBarmMount02” as shown.
- “HBabductionLever02”を“HBarmMount02”に差し込みます。

Insert “HBejectorLever02” to “HBarmMountBase03”.
- “HBejectorLever02”を“HBarmMountBase03”に差し込みます。

Put “Coil spring” and “Steel Ball” as shown.
- “Coil spring”と“Steel Ball”を写真のように置きます。

Put “Coil spring” and “HBpronationLockPin02” as shown.
- “Coil spring”と“HBpronationLockPin02”を写真のように置きます。

Connect it and “Socket02” or “Socket3” with “HBlockPlateHolder02” and two “flatScrewM2L6”.
- “HBlockPlateHolder02”と“flatScrewM2L6”で先ほどのと“Socket02”か“Socket03”を固定します。

Put “Coil spring (CP 0.5-6-8)” as shown.
- “Coil spring (CP 0.5-6-8)“を写真のように置きます。

Mount inserted “HBarmMountBase03” into “HBarmMount02” as shown.
- “HBarmMount02”に先ほど組んだパーツを取り付けます。

Fix “HBarmMountBaseCover03” with two “Tapping screw M3L8”.
- “HBarmMountBaseCover03”を取り付け、”Tapping screw M3L8”で固定します。

Then Wrist unit assembling was finished.
- これで手首ユニットの組み立ては終了です。

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