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How to assemble

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Assemble SensorU センサの組み立て

tools 工具

3D printed parts 3Dプリント部品


Other parts その他の部品

Velcro strap
Sensor Cushion
flatScrewM2L6 ×2

Assemble 組立て

Assemble “HbSensorBoard01(PCB)” to “HbSensorHolder02” and fix them with two “flatScrewM2L6” as shown.
- “HbSensorBoard01(PCB)“を”HbSensorHolder02”に写真の向きで組み付け、“flatScrewM2L6”で固定します。

Peel release paper off from “Sensor Cushion”. And stick it to “HbSensorBoard01(PCB)” as shown.
“Sensor Cushion”の剥離紙を剥がして写真のように“HbSensorBoard01(PCB)“に貼り付けます。

Peel release paper off from opposite side of “Sensor Cushion” and stick “HbSensorPlate01” to “Sensor Cushion” as shown.
反対側の剥離紙を剥がし、写真のように”HbSensorPlate01”を“Sensor Cushion”に取り付けます。

Put “Velcro strap” through “HbSensorHolder02” as shown. Then, Assembling SensorU is finished.
写真のように“HbSensorHolder02”に“Velcro strap”を通します。これでセンサの組み立ては終わりです。

Pin assigns are as follows.

How to make Sensor Cushion センサクッションの作り方

If you make Sensor Cushion by yourself, please refer to this method.

Paste double sided tape sheets to both side of the cushion.
We recommend 5mm of PORON LE-20(INOAC) as cushion and NITTO5000 as double sided tape sheet.
クッションはINOAC製のPORON LE-20を、両面テープはNITTO5000を推奨しています。

Laser cut the material using the following file.

An example of setting is POWER:95, SPEED:0.8 for Trotec Speedy 300.
カット時の設定の目安は、Trotec Speedy 300でパワー95、スピード0.8です。

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