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 +======How to use 使い方======
 + ​{{youtube>​afyeI9Oj_II}} \\
 +=====Names of parts 各部名称=====
 +  - Calibration button キャリブレーションボタン
 +  - disuse 使用しません
 +  - Thumb rotation button 母指回転ボタン
 +  - Power lever 電源レバー
 +  - Hold button 固定ボタン
 +  - Thumb flexion button 母指屈曲ボタン
 +  - Wrist radial flexion/​ulnar flexion button 手首撓尺屈・掌背屈ボタン
 +  - Wrist rotation button 手首回旋ボタン
 +  - Battery door lever バッテリードアレバー
 +  - Battery cable 電源ケーブル
 +  - Battery door バッテリードア
 +  - Sensor band センサーバンド
 +  - Detach button 着脱ボタン
 +=====Battery Installation バッテリー取り付け=====
 +Slide the battery door lever and open the battery door.\\
 +Slide the battery until it clicks.\\
 +To uninstall, push the button behind the battery and slide the battery in the reverse direction.\\
 +If a finger'​s position is wrong or a servo motor makes jitter sound, please adjust parameter of servo angle.\\
 +If you want to thumb'​s position, please change "​thumbPinch"​ or "​thumbOpen"​.\\
 +If you want to index'​s position, please change "​indexMin"​ or "​indexMax"​.\\
 +If you want to other finger'​s position, please change "​middleMin"​ or middleMax"​\\
 +=====Calibration キャリブレーション=====
 +Confirm that the battery is mounted.\\
 +Plug in battery cable to the battery jack on the hand.\\ ​
 +Plug in sensor cable to the headphone jack on the hand.\\
 +Loop sensor band around your forearm and tighten the band softly.\\ ​
 +Slide the batter button to turn the power on.\\
 +Press the calibration button.\\
 +Calibration period takes place for about 5 seconds. Repeat "​contraction"​ and "​releasing"​ for 3 times during this period.
 +Once the calibration period ends, middle , ring and little finger will start moving. ​
 +=====Hand Installation 手の取り付け=====
 +Push the detach button and install the hand to the wrist parts.\\
 +=====Radial and ulnar flexion 手首の撓尺屈=====
 +Push the wrist radial flexion/​ulnar flexion button and tilt the hand.\\
 +=====Adduction and abduction 手首の内外転=====
 +Push the wrist adduction/​abduction button and rotate the hand.\\
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