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    M Freard

    Hi Hiroshi
    I hope you’re fine ?
    I would like to contact you to know if we could adapt the hand exiii for an 11 year old child?
    You think it would be possible?

    Thanks a lot
    Michel from France.



    Hi Michael´╝î
    Please allow me to answer the question.
    The Hackberry hand are designed to work with some selected servos, which limit it size to adult size only.
    For anyone who have experience in 3D software to alter the original one, smaller servo can be use and the whole hand can be scale down a little.
    Here’s a good example :

    you can try to contact them, ask for the modified STL files and the type of servo they used.

    Hope this help .



    Adri San


    Is it possible to buy this prototype? A 13 year old girl lost her arm in an accident, she lives in Chile South America. What should I do?


    Chris O’Neill

    You may find that the current model is ok for a young boy. I am almost finished building a version for a 9 yr old boy and the size is not too different.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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