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    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Cameron from wevolver[ https://www.wevolver.com ] has shared the idea of combining Open Bionics’s hand with HACKberry.

    I think there are two points we should discuss.

    1. Structure of the finger.
    We use rigid material and linkage mechanism. It enables user to move fingers precisely.
    On the other hand, Open Bionics uses flexible material and tendon driven mechanism.
    It is very easy to assemble, durable, easily adopt the object when grasping.

    2. Actuator
    We use ordinary servo motor for hobby. It is very cheap, easy to get, and has so many variations.
    Open Bionics probably uses firgelli’s linear actuator[ http://www.firgelli.com/products.php?id=49 ]. It has adequate force, has holding force even during powered-down state, is small size but a little expensive.

    Anyway, Open Bionics’s hand is fabulous and has many features what HACKberry doesn’t have.
    Let’s study more, make same type of hand and discuss what is the best method for Ryan.


    I really liked this model of the prosthesis. since so many people with different limb amputation


    Hello! I am thinking of starting a new project for the university. I would like to combine he Hackberry hand with the Open Bionics one. I would like to use the tendon driven mechanism but using 4 linear actuators would increase a lot its value. Has someone tried to use Servo motors for the tendon driven mechanism? There would be maybe problems with the space right?
    I am first, recollecting some information. Could you give me your opinion?


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Sorry for very late reply.
    I overlooked the post.
    I don’t recommend you to use servo motor for tendon driven mechanism.
    You have to make pulley for each servo. That requires more space than gear or linkage mechanism.
    Not only space, but also pulley mechanism can cause malfunctions such as slack of the wire.
    exiii also tried to use pulley in previous model but the result was not so good.
    Open Bionics mechanism is very sophisticated because they uses linear actuator. They don’t need pulleys.

    As for mechanism, I got good material from Brian Little.
    Please check this paper for your project.


    Dhaval Jain

    Hi! I am considering beginning another venture for the college. I might want to join he Hackberry hand with the Open Bionics one. I might want to utilize the ligament driven component yet utilizing 4 direct actuators would expand a considerable measure its esteem. Has somebody attempted to utilize Servo engines for the ligament driven system? There would be possibly issues with the space right?

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