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    Kyle Seleski

    Hiroshi Yamaura

    If you have a trouble with assembling,
    please check Wiki

    and feel free to ask us here.
    We’re looking forward to your update.


    Kyle Seleski

    Thanks Hiroshi!


    Kyle Seleski

    Hi another update! This time with some aerospace design insight. Radii are a big deal in my industry. For conventional manufacturing methods transitions between features are often done with radii. There are two reasons for this

    1. Sharp corners often are not possible to make depending on the geometry of the part.
    2. Internal sharp corners create large mechanical stress concentrations especially if they are in a load path (fasteners usually carry some sort of mechanical load).

    So it shouldn’t be surprising I broke one of my screw bosses during post processing of one of my index finger parts. See below.

    View post on imgur.com

    We however are living in the world of additive manufacturing, so we don’t need the shape to be a radius. A 45 degree transition would be just as effective for eliminating stress concentration and maybe easier for the printer to produce.


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Thank you for your good insight.
    Yes, sharp corner may cause the problem of stress concentration.
    I also think A 45 degree transition is probably effective.

    As for screw boss breaking, I have another solution.
    Please check diameter of prepared hole.
    The dimension error of the hole often reads screw boss breaking.
    I use 1.6[mm] drill for prepared hole before tightening 2.0 [mm] screw.



    Hi all,

    Yes, I always pre-drill all screw boss holes with 1.6mm drill and also 2mm drill for screw holes.
    Indeed, sharp things are not easy to print ,but by careful adjust nozzle temperature and fan blowing on the object (PLA, in this case ) and try to adjust printing angle, You can get all pieces done with good quality.
    I think the Exiii hackberry are designed for SLS printing at first place but I can see a lot of improvement on their recent STL files update , and it’s more easier to print than the very first version now.

    here’s a few of my test print :



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