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    Yuichiro Suga

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on a small project of actuator replacement for Hackberry. So I would like to know how strong force is applied by each finger.
    Has anyone measured it before? I guess it would be possible to calculate approximated values if I did it from servomotor specs on the list and Hackberry’s linkage, but I wanted just to know if predecessors have already done or not before actually calculating. (I’ve already tried but I found that it looks to take a bit of time)

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hiroshi Yamaura

    We’ve not measured the force applied to finger tip. We measured its grip strength. It was about 1[kgf].
    As for finger tip,
    – moment arm is about 7[cm]
    – motor torque is 4.4 [kgf・cm]
    Therefore, maybe the force is about 0.6[kgf] (index finger).

    指先力は測定していないです。寸法やモータースペックから考えるとおそらく0.6 kgf程度ではないでしょうか。


    Yuichiro Suga

    Thank you for reply:) and I am sorry for not having reply earlier! That’s really useful information for me.

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