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    Hiroshi Yamaura

    This is a quotation from Brian Little’s e-mail.

    So I got to play with a DEKA hand on monday.

    It didn’t have the elbow, but the most impressive thing I noticed wasn’t the hardware of the arm itself, but their control method. It was able to respond quickly and almost naturally by using two bluetooth accelerometer/gyroscope sensors attached to the patient’s shoes.

    He was able to change grip patterns and control hand motions by twisting his feet in place. It even had a walk-pattern recognizing function so that he didn’t drop what he had in the hand when he started walking.

    The control method was the only thing that really surprised me. It allowed fast and easy control in a way I have never seen with myoelectrics. Everything else about the hand was basically the same as an i-limb.

    I will add the pics and videos after get a permission from Brian.
    I got the pemission from Brian. You can see the pics and videos from the following link.
    As for the control of the hand motion using shoes, please check this video.


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Then, this is a reply from Cameron

    I have an MPU6050 6 axis gyroscope and accelerometer – it’s the same technology that you’re describing.

    I could put something together to transmit the data? (by hooking up the Arduino micro, MPU6050 and Blue Tooth module, and 3D printing a little case, it wouldn’t be difficult).

    HACKberry’s basic concept is to create “affordable” hand.
    Therefore, I think 6 axis gyroscope is not absolutely necessary.
    However, this method has a great future as a substitution for myoelectricity. I want to try it.

    Can you make a circuit diagram and sample code?
    If you could do so, I will copy and test them.
    If you don’t have a time, even the information of other project that contains wireless microcomputer communication will be appreciated.


    Reena Wani

    nice post

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