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    Thangalin X

    When importing all STL files from https://github.com/exiii/HACKberry/tree/master/HACKberry-hardware/3D/STL/HACKberry_STL_v1 into 3D modeling software, the following is the result:

    Inconsistent Rotation

    Many parts have an inconsistent rotation. The mesh, however, loads cleanly (no topology problems):

    Clean Mesh

    In netfabb Basic, the same inconsistent rotation is present:

    Netfabb Rotation

    Loading https://github.com/exiii/HACKberry/tree/master/HACKberry-hardware/3D/HACKberry_v1.stp into FreeCAD looks great:

    FreeCAD STP File

    I can select all the parts and export as STL to create a file called “hand.stl”.

    FreeCAD Export

    After loading the STL file, the mesh topology has numerous topology flaws:

    Mesh Topology Flaws

    Here is a comparison:

    Topology Comparison

    How can I get a consistent rotation and perfect topology?


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Hi, sorry for late reply.
    I think flawed topology is due to FreeCAD.
    I also tried FreeCAD and got the same result.

    Why don’t you try Fusion 360?
    It has the function that the user can select STL output resolutions.
    By using Fusion 360, I could get a consistent rotation and perfect topology.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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