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    One of my recipient ( I’m E-Nable volunteer and I make hands and give away for free ) lost both left and right hands in an accident and he can’t press the switches on Exiii Hackberry hand.
    I’ve checked his condition ,he can’t use 2 sensors as mentioned on previous post ( http://exiii-hackberry.com/forums/topic/pcb-for-2-sensors/)

    I have an idea since few months ago, I wish to keep the original hardware design, but modified the code for the purpose.

    1) the user trigger the IR sensor quickly 3 times, it toggle between thumb position .
    2) the user trigger the IR sensor quickly 4 times , it toggle between finger mode

    By changing the code to above functions, all hardware can be remains the same without any change, but the mode push button can be omitted.

    I’m not really familiar with Arduino coding, after months of learning, still no progress.

    Can anyone who have coding knowledge help me on this please?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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