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    Justin Brawley

    Question, has anyone experimented with this yet, is it possible to program the exiii to close the hand when flex once and stay closed without keeping the muscle flexed for example could you program it to close when you flex your muscle then release the muscle flex while keeping the hand closed then flex again to reopen the hand. seems this would be easier for children so that they are not keeping their muscle flexed the entire time to keep the hand closed which would be difficult while performing certain task such as writing.

    Has anyone tried using a different longer lasting battery such as like an rc car battery or any other kind?


    Justin Brawley

    Ive learned you can use a bigger rc car battery as long as voltage is not to high. this does extend the usage time. i am now working on designing a different style socket in order to cover the larger battery.


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Hi Justin,
    Sorrry for our late reply.
    Please check Mike Li’s video.

    He uses the algorithm like you mentioned.
    Therefore, implementing that function is not impossible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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