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    Hello, me and my partner study biomedical engineering and we are working on our thesis. We used the wonderful mechanism hackberry designed but we added a servo motor for wrist movement ,we made a different socket and it will be powered by EMG signals
    This is our first print using ABS, it came out poorly and the socket might look huge but it will be modified and reduced, it was only for testing.

    Having a hard time finding the tapping screws here, will report later when we assembly the hand and we test it.

    ABS parts



    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Hi Victorino,
    Wow, it’s drastic remodeling. I’m excited.

    If you don’t mind please upload and share your 3D data here.
    Our community member may want to make motorized wrist.
    Moreover, we may be able to cooperate to modify and reduction.

    I hope this assault goes well!


    Made some changes to the design, and the EMG PCB is not perfect but we are making a progress, our three finger servo burned out but . We are just waiting for the new one to get here.. will update more in the future


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Hi Victorino,
    It looks that the wrist mechanism and EMG seonsor works very well!

    BTW, do you assign each motion as follows?
    -Flexion: Wrist movement
    -Extention: Thumb movement
    -Cocontraction: Index finger movement

    Why don’t you assign like this?
    -Flexion: flexion
    -Extention: extention
    -Cocontraction: change mode(Wrist/Thumb/Index)

    In this method, you can add more modes and it will be more intuitive.
    I heared that other commercial myoelectric hands use this method.

    Anyway, thank you for great report!


    great idea Hiroshi! we might use it like that.. gives the user more freedom will test it and post more information when the model is finished


    Just wanted to share the outcome of our first prototype, some flaws are still visible and some redesign has to be done .. If someone could help us with the design of the EMG sensor it would be great, sorry for the hole at the top of the palm but it was the only way that the EMG sensor could fit. Also in the next prototype the wrist will be smaller and the socket will be different.
    first prototype#2#3#4


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Congrats! The holes of the palm and the size of wrist are no problems.
    I’m sure you can improve it in the next step.

    Is it possible for you to upload the video?
    I want to see how it works.

    Also, could you share your problems?
    We may be of help to you.

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