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    I am making electronic tests and some of my servo motors make sounds and vibrate when they are connected, anyone has this problem?
    could it be the quality of the ones I have? I am using a different battery to move them.. any tips?



    May I know what type of servo are you using for the test?
    Some cheap servo will jitter, such as Tower Pro SG90.
    how many volts for the power supply ?

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    my servo is a mg995, and I am using an 5v power supply



    MG995 are very powerful, it draw a lot of current, it will vibrate if you power supply have not enough current. your power supply must at least capable of supplying 2.5A of current. If you want to use MG995 for the index finger, remember to add a small poly switch internally to limit its current and also torque.

    If you still having vibration problem even using high current power source, then I will suggest you to connect a capacitor in between the + and – pin for the MG995, the capacitor value need to be higher possible, at least 1000uF or above.

    Hope this help.


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Hi Victorino,
    Thank you for sharing your situation.
    To solve your problem, we need as much information as possible.
    Is it possible for you to upload a video of your problem?
    A video contains so many information.

    This topic is good example.
    Александр and I cooperated and finally solved the problem using video.

    Ew’s advice is very appropriate. Check his post first.
    But if you still can’t solve the problem, please try to use video.


    Petr Najman

    I am using big servo http://www.servodatabase.com/servo/hitec/hs-311, but after turn to max position it start vibratre and making a weird sound. I use dc generator for power source.

    Thanks for any advice and sorry for my english.


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Do you use proper voltage?
    You should apply 5[V] to the servo motor.
    If we apply higher voltage(e.g. 7.2V) to the servo, sometimes that kind of problems happen.

    Or could you change arduino sketch?
    If you have a problem at max position, you can shorten the range of servo movement.


    Petr Najman

    I am using 5-5.8V for testing.
    I try change max position. I’ll see what happens.

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