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    Jianyou Li

    Hi, I made a prosthesis based on the Hackberry and Exiii’s help, and want to share this work here. I posted complete pictures on the Fabble, and please link “http://fabble.cc/jianyouli/hackbylee”. This prothetic limb is a low-cost design which is inspired by the Hackberry of Exiii company (http://exiii-hackberry.com). Hackberry is already in a very low cost and simple technical requirement that compares to most of electronic prothetic on the internet, but a Up Plus 2 printer is recommended for building all necessary 3D printed parts. Even UP is a handy machine, but printing all parts take about 30 hours as I know, or longer. So that’s why I tried to replace printed parts by laser-cutter piece as possible in this project. I redesigned the palm and thumb, and other fingers and arm are made by laser cutter. The making of these fingers and arm only spent about 30 mins(not include assembly), and redesigned palm only require 2 hours to be printed. I hope this project can help those people who want to make Hackberry but doesn’t have time or UP printer. Last, appreciate the Mr. Yamaura and other members of Exiii provided kind assistance during this work!




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    http://fabble.cc/liaochen-hsi/xxxx this is the link of my work on Fabble ,it’s a prosthesis based on Hackberry . If you interesting in it please visit it !!


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Hi Li-san, 廖振睎,
    Thank you for sharing your great HACK!

    Li-san’s laser-cutting is very interesting.
    Using 3D printer is very easy but often time-consuming.
    Laser cutting will solve the problem.
    It’s sophisticated appearance is also fabulous.

    廖振睎’s LED and speaker may add new function for HACKberry.
    Since it uses the space of the arm, it can’t be attached to actual user for now.
    However, it’ll be solved in anytime.
    The important thing is that the new function has been provided to HACKberry from opensource community.

    If you don’t mind, please upload the files for laser cutter and 3D printer to your fabble project pages.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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