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    Sorry about my poor English.
    Could you tell me, thumb locker – is it printable element or is it standalone element, produced of metal? The same question is about HBarmMount – this element is, I guess, printable but I am not sure.
    I`m fascinated by your project, is amazing.
    Best regards from Poland



    Hi Krzys5907 ,

    All parts are printable, small parts need to be very careful and I’m using 0.1mm layer height for smaller parts, and 0.2mm for bigger parts. PLA gears seems working quite well too.

    I’m building 3 hands to help people here, all are 100% printed in PLA material. http://exiii-hackberry.com/forums/topic/assembling-the-palm/



    Could you tell me, is the finger 3-4-5 are the same? I think so, but I am not sure.
    And another question, how type of spring you use in second finger (index finger)?
    Diameter of the wire, number of turns, diameter of muff?
    Best regards


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Yes, 3-4-5 fingers (middle, ring, little fingers) are the same.
    The spring used for index finger is torsion spring.

    -Material diameter:0.3
    -Inside diameter:4
    -Free Angle:270
    -Active coil turns:5
    -Arm length:12

    You can find the specification of springs in BOM.
    Please right click the “RAW” button and download excel file from the following link.

    BTW, required spec of this spring is not so strict.
    The purpose of this spring is just keep index finger’s posture.
    (You can find how the spring works in this video https://youtu.be/Ja_jQvGXULsf)
    You can use other springs or rubber band or something as substitution.

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