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    Hiroshi Yamaura

    I just added the garber data of SensorBoard_v1 PCB.
    I also made this board using PCB plotter. I confirmed it works properly.


    Don Vukovic

    Re: Kicad files missing.

    After plotting the files to gerber, I viewed those gerber files with GC-Prevue.

    The location of the drl holes do not match up with the board.

    Also, loading the schematic shows missing files:

    Is there another drawing showing where these PCBs are located in the 3D parts ?

    Thank You



    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Hi Don, thank you for your information.
    As for missing files, it is due to the problem of library reference setting.
    I just updated the file. The problem is maybe solved.

    This pcb is used for the muscle sensor.
    The sensor is set here.

    Please use this sensor like this.

    I will study more on the problem of drill hole location.
    Please wait for a while.


    Don Vukovic

    Would you mind posting pics of each board you have made.

    I would like to see what is the “PCB plotter” you have as well.


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    I used LPKF ProtoMat E33 for Hand Board and Carving-CNC(OMIOCNC) CNC3040 for Sensor Board and Battery Board.
    LPKF ProtoMat E33: http://www.lpkf.com/products/rapid-pcb-prototyping/circuit-board-plotter/protomat-e33.htm
    CNC3040: http://www.china-cncrouter.com/products/CNC-3040.htm

    These are pics of them.
    However, these patterns are not the latest ones.
    Please refer the github data for the latest.

    -Sensor Board

    -Hand Board

    -Battery Board

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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