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    Hiroshi Yamaura

    Although we are preparing for selling them, you have to make them by yourself for now.
    You can make pcb board using garber data and a pcb plotter.
    -garber data [https://github.com/exiii/HACKberry/tree/master/HACKberry-hardware/electronics]
    -pcb plotter [http://www.lpkf.com/products/rapid-pcb-prototyping/circuit-board-plotter/protomat-e33.htm]

    I know not all people have an access to pcb plotter.
    Therefore, I propose to create pcb boards using 3D printer as substitutions.

    1. Download the STL data of pcb board from github.

    2. 3D Print those STL data.

    3. Bond the electric component using instant grue.

    4. Connect each components using lead wire.

    It may seem strange, but this board actually works.


    Hiroshi Yamaura

    exiii updated the pcb data for pcb manufacturing service.
    SeeedStudio will accept the data and will ship the PCBs to many countries.
    For more detail, please check this document.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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